4 Reasons Farms


Maryland. Proud. Hemp.

Grow With Us

Family owned and operated, 4 Reasons Farms offers wholesale hemp biomass and CBD oil, white-labeling services, and contractual acreage for farms seeking expansion into new markets.

With over 60 acres of land, an experienced team of hemp farmers and key strategic partnerships with processors and manufacturers, 4 Reasons Farms is positioned to meet the growing needs of the hemp industry for both wholesale and retail market participants.

Our goal is to expand our network to partner with other hemp professionals that believe in transparency and doing the right thing. If you fit that criteria, we want to grow with you.

Professional Approach

We are a group of honest, hard working professionals. We prioritize "doing what's right" above the bottom line. We aim to surround ourselves with like-minded partners.

Experienced Team

Maryland boasts a rich history of growing this amazing crop. We have successfully continued that tradition and know what it takes to succeed.

Scalable Operations

Our experienced executive team, strategic partnerships, dedicated labor force and land availability have positioned us to scale operations.

What We Offer

Wholesale Biomass & Raw Materials

High CBD. Legal Limit THC. No pesticides. No heavy metals.

Wholesale Full Spectrum Extracts

Crude, Distillate & T-Free.​High quality and consistent supply.

White Labeling Services

Extracts ready-made for your customers. Contractual agreements.

Hemp Futures Contracts

Contractual acreage dedicated to grow your cultivars or ours.

Everyone Has A Reason. We Have 4.

Embedded in our core values are transparency, perseverance, gratitude, and doing the right thing. We practice these values every day not only in the field and in our business, but also with raising our 4 children. They give us 4 Reasons to lead by example in building our family’s future.