Reserve Your Hemp Acreage With a Futures Contract

A successful hemp harvest requires experienced growers, access to the right cultivars and equipment, a dedicated labor force, a drying facility, and of course fertile land free of pesticides and heavy metals. And once the hemp is harvested, it takes an experienced executive team of industry professionals with an established network to ensure a positive ROI.

4 Reasons Farms checks all of these boxes. 

If you are looking to expand your existing operations into new geographical regions, we offer acreage dedicated to your grow.  Whether it is the genetics we have successfully harvested or cultivars you are looking to test in new climates, we want to discuss the opportunity with you.

Experienced Team

We've grown multiple cultivars in this region and have the resources in place to cultivate successful yields.

Scalable Operations

Our executive team, strategic partnerships and land availability position our farm to scale operations.

Professional Approach

We are honest, hard working professionals. We prioritize "doing what's right" above the bottom line.