Wholesale CBD Extracts - Crude Oil, Distillate & THC-Free

Our Goal: Customize Your CBD Oil Exactly As You Need It

As the CBD market continues to evolve, so does the need for customized oils to meet the specific needs of individual buyers. 

4 Reasons recognizes that not all purchasers are equal, so we’ve partnered with vetted manufacturers to extract multiple forms of oil. Current formats available are Crude Oil, Distillate & THC-Free Distillate. We also recognize the importance of doing business on a contractual basis, and aim to serve as your long-term supplier.

We Extract Using Propane. And For Good Reason.

1) PROPANE is listed as a legal food ingredient in the USA and is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), with NO LIMITS put on level in the food, it is not even considered a solvent. In Europe (EU), which is stricter than the US, PROPANE is listed as 1 of 7 safe FOOD solvents. 

2) Taking the highest recommended daily dosage of hemp oil totals 2/3 of an OUNCE PER YEAR 

3) The average American consumes 124 POUNDS PER YEAR of vegetable oils extracted with hexane, a widely used food solvent that is officially known to be toxic. 

4) Ethanol extraction is increasingly turning to denatured ethanol, which contains a minimum of 5% HEPTANE, which is similar to HEXANE. 

5) ALL extractions are followed with processes that use ethanol that is normally denatured with heptane, and possibly one or more other solvents, such as hexane, methanol, acetone, etc. (Please see flowchart) 

6) The molecular distillation step used to produce full spectrum hemp oil reduces the residual solvent levels to less than 5 parts per million, which the FDA considers safe even in foods that are consumed in large volumes. That is the only reason the FDA allows the use of hexane for all of the vegetable oils we consume. We are installing twin two stage molecular stills so that we are able to remove most solvent residues following the removal of THC.

When extracting an expensive product, every percentage point of yield is important. Propane produces the highest yields at a cost that won’t sacrifice quality.